Meet Serwa Kenyetta the "Mindset Strategist"

Serwa Kenyetta, the  “Mindset Strategist” and she is an Author, Personal Life Coach, National Speaker, Trainer and the founder of Esteem NOW.  Esteem NOW is a movement, dedicated to assisting women with unlocking their true potential and successfully achieving their personal and professional goals.  From the Esteem NOW platform Serwa has spoken nationally, sharing the stage with renowned International Speakers such as Bob Yates and Annetta Wilson. 

As a Certified Continuous Improvement Manager (CCIM), Serwa assists small businesses with maximizing their efficiencies by developing their human capital, implementing effective processes and procedures, and effectively managing their finances.   As a trainer for over twenty-four years, Serwa earned her Corporate Training Certification (CTC) and utilizes her wealth of knowledge and experience to successfully transfer knowledge to trainees enabling them to achieve long term results.


Serwa has authored many books, workbooks, and an eBook.  She also has a CD product which is an interview with International Speaker Annetta Wilson, where she shares “7 Steps to Avoid Crashing and Burning in Phase II of Your Life.  Serwa is committed to providing guidance and inspiration to her clients, assisting them with realigning their mindset, as well as providing effective tools to face and overcome obstacles along the way.