Discovering You

Quotes ~ Poems ~ African Proverbs

To Motivate and Inspire

Discovering You is an inspirational book using quotes, poems, and African proverbs to motivate and inspire the reader. Serwa Kenyetta shares her wisdom, along with the work of notable authors, and encourages the reader to document their thoughts along the way. Life is a journey and we all have the characteristics and talents to fulfill our purpose. Serwa Kenyetta uses this platform to show the reader that they too can unlock their true potential and walk in their purpose.  

This is Serwa Kenyetta's third published work.  Discovering You, is an inspirational book where Serwa Kenyetta provides insight on areas many of us struggle with.  In an effort to assist others on their path to discovery, Serwa dispels myths and teaches techniques and tools to motivate and inspire readers to recognize their true potential.  Serwa Kenyetta is passionate about motivating others to follow their dreams, by using their talents and abilities to succeed.